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Tungsten carbide guide bushings
by 2016-09-29

The tungsten carbide guide bushing is also known as a drill sleeve or a die bushing, which is commonly used with the guide pin, and plays an important role in fixing and guiding. General clearance is small, less than 0.05mm, in the mold or a number of machines to ensure that the cutting or drilling accuracy is more commonly used. Compared with bearing steel, hard alloy guide pin has better performance in guiding, durability and exchange performance. It plays an important role in ensuring the correct location and mold guidance. Some funtion with tungsten carbide guide bushing and pin.


1.Connecting upper and lower guiding device;


2.To keep the gap in order to reduce the impact of the adverse impact;


3.Endure lateral forces to avoid deviation, fragmentation and equipment damage, and even personal safety;


4.Maintain accuracy and design to extend the service life.


Depending on the application, it can be divided into automobile die guide pin, guide pin independent, mold guide pillar, a guide pin to thetemplate; according to the direction, it can be divided into sliding guide pin (SGP), rolling guide pin (SRP); it can be divided into treatment types, and according to the installation of mode.In addition type it should be noted:


1.Before processing, it is necessary to check the diameter of the bottom hole, and determine the size of the boring bar and hole;


2.Aaccording to the hole and the location of the depth of the choice of appropriate boring bar;


3.Check the eccentricity to determine if it is capable of completing the process;


4.The diameter of the non working part shall be 5mm longer than the corresponding guide pin;


5.After treatment, according to the relevant standards for measuring the aperture and the verticality.


6.Determining the dimensions of the guide pin according to the allowable deflection and lateral force


7.According to the change of the clearance and the arrangement of the pin and bushing;


8.Geometric tolerances defined in accordance with the minimum clearance between the guide pins and the bushes.

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