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A reliable and professional tungstern carbide supplier

Zigong Tianxing Cemented carbide Co., Ltd. is a professional Chinese tungsten carbide manufacturer which was founded in year 2009 . We  concentrates on developing strategic partnerships that are based on mutual opportunity and growth all over the world. TX Carbide has a very strong technical team to help our customers to customize carbide parts and solve different problems they have faced to. We provides products and services mainly for the oilfield and wear-resistant parts industries.

Our products ranges:

  ·  Oil tools

  ·  Carbide Strips & Tungsten Plates & Carbide Rods 

  ·  Cutting tools(Tungsten carbide tools like saw blade, mining tool, carbide insert, tips,etc.)

  ·  Sealing Ring & Tungsten Carbide Roller

  ·  Wear parts of Concrete Pump 

  · Products for mining industry(Carbide dill bits,carbide tipped)

  ·  Other Customized Items 

Quality is our life.We are continuously improving our processes to maintain the highest level of quality and reliability for our production and services. Our objective is to bring global purchasing synergy to our customers while strengthening quality and cost competitiveness.

As TX Carbide business scope continues to broaden, we expect to bring even more shared opportunities to our customers while strengthening our company’s overall brand. We believe in what we do and we will continue to create value for our customers by bringing them cost effective and reliable, result oriented solutions.

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