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Oil drilling carbide nozzles
by 2016-08-22

With the development of the oil industry as well as increasing demand for energy , oil drilling -related technologies have continued to emerge . Early oil drilling mainly human impact drill, drill machinery Dayton , rotary drilling , etc., at a selected location down or side surface drilled to a diameter of the cylindrical bore underground reservoir .


This type of high-pressure pneumatic drill,cone drill hole drilling and the like , can be used with carbide ball gear used in order to achieve improved drilling efficiency and prolong the service life of the drill purposes. At present,researchers through in-depth studies to find a more efficient high-pressure abrasive water jet technology as well as the deep edge of the reservoir exploitation . High pressure abrasive water jet is high pressure water jet as a carrier, adding a certain amount of abrasive particles,such that the impact force jet has been greatly enhanced,but also makes for rock cutting efficiency has been greatly improved,with a more broad application prospects.

Tungsten carbide nozzle is playing an important role in the high-pressure abrasive water jet which has high hardness,
high strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance .


Usually in the oil drilling process,in general, it is in a high-confining pressure environment,and thus the nozzle during operation need to withstand high-speed impact of high pressure abrasive and thus more prone to wear and failure.Common materials,such as steel nozzle,prone to chipping or thermal deformation,requiring frequent replacement of the nozzle,thereby reducing the efficiency of drilling.Especially when for deep drilling,remove and replace the drill bit is extremely inconvenient.

Also,most likely to occur in the nozzle wear parts of cemented carbide material mosaic it is an improved nozzle performance and extend its life approach.In the preparation of tungsten carbide nozzle through Shihai WC grain size such that it is reduced without lowering the toughness of the nozzle case to further improve the hardness and wear resistance corrosion resistance.

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