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Tungsten carbide bullets
by 2015-03-06


200 million tungsten bullets per ounce, using tungsten. To make more than 5500 T, or 1/8 of the world's existing tungsten consumption.

Green bullet
1999 U.S. Army began to make "green" bullets. Bullet - in peacetime is used primarily for shooting practice - the same as their predecessors on human lethal but not fatal to the earth.

The army's current use of lead bullets, often with the environment, often in the sediment of the end, surface water and groundwater, according to the environmental protection department of the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced the media strategic management and reduce lead 5. Cumulative lead impacts on wildlife and people can be contaminated from sources of drinking water, according to the report. Lead slug water quality risk in New York, the Federal District Court ruled that the lead is a "pollutant" defined by the clean water act.

The use of traditional military lead slug has a 5.56 mm bullet during the shooting, forcing some close. These bullets will replace such environmental slugs, according to Wade bunting, project manager at the New Jersey Arsenal in weapons technology environment. Is not only a "benign" of tungsten than the lead environment, but the ozone layer of chemicals and volatile organic compounds from bullets to eliminate manufacturing process - led to pollution control and money savings, he said. Although the cleaner production process, which is more expensive than lead and tungsten, can actually result in a savings of $0.01 to $0.05 a year, or $5 million to $20 million a year, he explains.

The bullet will also allow for a number of indoor and outdoor shooting Games closed, because the lead concentration into human health or environmental risks to re open, reducing the cost of transport troops far, still in the running state shooting range and eliminate pollution.


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