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Grinding Tungsten Rods
by 2015-03-06

Tungsten is a very difficult elements and the known one of the highest melting temperature. Tungsten and tungsten alloy used in the production of tungsten inert gas shielded arc welding rods, because they carry current arch not melt. As a result, these very hard steel rods for welding alloy. Before welding rod, tungsten rod end must shape. Although grinding rod is not difficult, there is a specific method of welder should follow. In addition, in the particular machine and accessories, need to avoid contamination.



To start the grinding machine. The tungsten electrode, electrode, parallel to the rotation of the wheels. If you hold the electrode is perpendicular to the direction of the rotation of the wheel, wheel striate electrode. This can lead to rod wire welding.


Place the end of the welding on the grinding machine. Rotating rod end in your hand into a tip. Tip should be the end of the conical rod distance equal to 2-1/2 times the diameter of the rod. Cone, for example, cut into 1/2 inch stem tip 1 1/4 inch.


Tapered tip is low to moderate levels. Truncate a high level of skill. Truncated rounded tip end. This can prevent the end of the tip to melt into the weld in the high current levels or interrupt.


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