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Hard Metal and tungsten carbide
by 2015-03-06


Tungsten carbide is commonly referred to as a hard alloy due to its high hardness with other metals.

Tungsten carbide is usually hard alloy of hardness value of 1600 high pressure, and low carbon steel in the region 160 years of high pressure low 10 times.

Although it is called hard metal, tungsten carbide composite material is actually a soft and hard tungsten carbide particles embedded in the matrix of cobalt.

What is the chemical molecular formula of tungsten carbide?

The chemical molecular formula of tungsten carbide is WC.

What is the history of hard metal or tungsten carbide?

Tungsten carbide was originally developed in Germany in the 1920's mold materials have a requirement to stand up to high wear encountered in the tungsten filament lamp.

Cemented carbide or tungsten carbide is how come?
Tungsten carbide tungsten carbide is mainly used in the powder metallurgy production process, that is, the form of tungsten carbide and cobalt powder mixed with the ball Mills, adding binder material to the powder together, the next phase of the process, compaction or pressing.

In the process of compaction, a hydraulic press or equalizer is used to compact the powder into a shape close to the design of the finished product.

Although in this case, metal processing tool box can easily use the traditional. This process is often referred to as "green machining"". It is necessary to pay attention to the removal of fine powder particles and they can form a health hazard so the extraction method is effective.
Following the "green process" and then prepare the sintered compact. Usually this is done in a vacuum furnace temperature from 1300 to 1600 degrees C.

The sintering process fuses the tungsten carbide and cobalt matrix together to produce a dense "hard metal".
After sintering material is too difficult, it can only be processed by diamond grinding, a kind of professional micro processing is relatively expensive, because it is impossible to remove a large number of materials through the process.

Tungsten carbide and hard metal applications
Tungsten carbide has been widely used in many metal processing industries, wear parts of the mining and petroleum industries, metal forming tools, saw blade cutting skills, and now has been expanded to include consumer goods, such as a wedding ring, and in many of the ball point pen.


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